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Colon Hydrotherapy


Why choose Vitality Health Clinic for your colon therapy?

At Vitality you are receiving treatment from a fully qualified hydrotherapist and nutritionist. Our consultations include personalised nutritional assessment and advice tailored to your specific health & fitness needs or medical condition with reference to chinese medicine and iridology. We want to see you improve your health so that you don't need to depend on hydrotherapy for continued relief of your symptoms. Simply by altering your diet you can eliminate a whole host unwanted symptoms.

We use the Habomat system from Germany. This "Mercedes Benz" of the colonic world controls flow and temperature and microfilters the water to 5 microns, unlike the bucket/gravity system of our competitors.

We only use single use equipment which is destroyed after use, so there is no possibility of cross contamination.

Treatment: 3-6 treatments are recommended and can be spread over monthly intervals although we highly recommend weekly intervals to start with. Our therapists will look at the whole person when conducting a colonic and are able to provide relevant additional basic nutritional treatment advice as part of the colonic appointment session.

Treatment Cost:               £80        
Course of 3:                      £195 
Course of 6:                      £295

This is a wonderful start to your detoxification and  a great boost to any diet or lifetsyle changes you are making for the better. You receive additional nutritional analysis and dietary advice so you can achieve and see real changes over the 3-6 week period.


With Green Tea Abdomen Therapy (2.5 hrs):   £120

For a deeper cleanse and immediate reduction in the abdomen area.

Course of 3: 

Course of 6:                       £495        

Why Colonic Irrigation / Hydrotherapy?

The UK is the most constipated country in the world. One in three doctor’s appointments is due to digestive disorders/ bowel problems. This is why bowel cancer has become the third most common cancer in men and the second in women.  Each year there are about 18,500 new cases in men and over 16000 in women. Each year 1600 plus of us will die from the condition. The key to lifelong health is a clean system supported by appropriate nutrition.

 Colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy is a well established natural therapy that acts directly on the colon. An infusion of warm purified water is introduced gently under a low pressure via a small tube, which circulates throughout the colon. This effectively removes waste matter and toxins that have built up and adhered to the colon wall and not removed during normal excretion. Cleansing the colon can have a dramatic effect on energy levels, resulting in a feeling of immense well-being. Throughout the 45 minute treatment the client is assured of privacy and modesty is preserved at all times.

Here are some of the main benefits to the colon:

 -Toning of the abdominal area and large intestine.

 -Massaging the colon re-establishes a more normal shape and form improving muscle contraction and transit time.

 -Removing toxic waste toxic and emptying of bowel pockets.

 -Balancing of the micro flora ecosystem, increasing the absorption of nutrients through the colon

 -The rehydration of the body and skin – see fine lines around the eyes disappear, spots and acne improve and your skin glow with health.

 -Many clients report improved sleep and weight loss.

 Colonic Irrigation / Hydrotherapies are beneficial for the following conditions:

Flatulence                      Constipation               Acne  
Diarrhoea                       Colitis                         Thrush                                            
Alternating Stools       Joint Pain                Skin Conditions                             
Food Intolerances          Chronic Fatigue        Candida                
Bad Breath               
Abdominal Bloating       Headaches                Irritable Bowel Syndrome



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